Finally! There’s a way to make money from your photos and videos! Real money, not money from other type sites! How do you make money? What is required? We will answer all that right here, right now:

The first step in making money is to sign up as an affiliate. The affiliate’s (you), will take the link and post on your social media. Every time someone signs up via the link, you receive 50% of the profit. When you sign up as an affiliate, it asks you a few questions. At that point, you can decide if you want to have a check mailed, or deposited as a wire transfer from your bank. If you go with wire transfer, it’s there every Monday (barring holidays that fall on Monday) like clock work! We at GMM don’t see any info you submit to the credit card processor! It’s between you and them!

In order to make money you have to sign up as an affiliate. The process is simple, fill out the info

Sign up here



After you’ve signed up, you will be provided an affiliate code such as 372574. You will use that link in a special code that will be provided to the email address you’ve used to sign up. You add that link to all your social media posts and every time a fan clicks and joins, you will get 50% profit.

How do you get a link featured in the members area? Here’s the info:

  • If you are a model, you will need to have a release provided by your photographer, no exception.
  • If you are a photographer, a release signed by you saying GMM can use your photos.
  • You will need to have a photo of your ID proving your 18 years of age or older on file with GMM (Send us a photo of it)
  • You must have a feature prior to being included in the members area
  • All members area sets will require 30 photos or one 10-20 minute video

How do you get started? Your fist ever set published in the members area will need to be 46 images total! Why so many? Everyone who is featured in the GMM Members area are REQUIRED to be featured on Glamour Model Magazine FIRST! No exception! Although we have the paid area, our first and primary focus will always be GMM! The day your feature goes live, your members area set goes up as well! 16 images will be used for your GMM feature and at the bottom of your feature will be a link to the members area where people can sign up to see your photos.

You are free to sign up even before your feature runs (You can sign up and post things like; “Keep your eyes on GMM for my up coming feature and members area section!”) and post the link.

Because we are dealing with photo and videos that are copyright protected, we will need a signed release from the photographer to run any images featured. No exceptions.

Any and all photos and videos accepted for feature will be part of the GMM members site. We will not pull members area features under any circumstances. Do not think you can skirt this rule.

How can you continue to make money? Members when they sign up, will get access to ALL photo/video sets in the members area! Why is this good? EVERY MONTH they renew, every month you will be cut a check! That’s right! As an example;

300 people sign up for 1.00. That is 300.00 that week.

200 people week 2.

200 people week 3

200 people week 4

Starting that 5th week, if all 300 people renew, you will receive 300.00 PLUS any additional sign ups that happen that week! So if 50 new people signed up, you would get 350.00!! Week 2, 200.00 and so on! You will make money for doing nothing other than posting having your fans join the site and see hundreds of other gorgeous glamour models!