Here at Glamour Model Magazine we get a plethora of questions regarding us. Instead of answering each one, we have created a Model FAQ to refer everyone to.


Q: What is Glamour model magazine?

A: is an online e-zine or electronic magazine that showcases raw and well known models and talent. We update twice per week featuring new faces.

Q: How old must I be to get a feature?

A:  We prefer our models to be 21+ but 18+ MINIMUM, no exceptions!

Q: I am a new model, will this hinder me?

A: No! not at all! GMM is about glamour and beauty. We welcome all experience levels!

Q: What styles of modeling do you accept?

A: Being Glamour Model Magazine is glamour, we prefer Glamour Nude, will settle with topless and require lingerie at the least.

Q: Must I be half naked?

A: You must be in the above mentioned styles. If we’re fashion focused, it wouldn’t make sense to call ourselves glamour model magazine.

Q: I have tattoos, will this be a problem?

A: Not at all! We welcome everyone here.

Q: I’m not thin, is this a problem?

A: We are glamour, this means we welcome any healthy person. We do have requirements such as the model needs to be of age and proportioned for their body type.

Q: I have augmentations, is this ok?

A: Yes! We don’t discriminate! We feature (publish) beautiful women of the world.

Q: I’m a guy, can I be featured in GMM?

A: While we aren’t completely against the idea of guys, we’ve had one feature and there hasn’t been much more general public interest.

Q: Will I be paid to be published in GMM?

A: No, sadly GMM at this point is not paying for features.

Q: Will GMM ever have a paper publication?

A: Yes! Summer 2015 we will have a paper magazine published.

Q: A photographer on Facebook has contacted me and guaranteed me publication, is this accurate?

A: Presently, GMM has two people who can guarantee publications in GMM. They are:  Jay Kilgore and our main page Glamour Model Mag, everyone else submits and is reviewed for quality and consistency.

Q: I live in X state, do you have a photographer here?

A: You can see the most up to date and recent list of staff and contributing photographers by clicking here. Only these guys are affiliated with GMM.

Q: I’ve been featured in GMM, can I be featured again?

A: We have started a new section: Vivify. This allows our more popular features to get a second run.

Q: I saw a page on <insert social media site>is it you?

A: Here are our official pages: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Vimeo. If it didn’t come from one of those, it ain’t us!

Q: I had images featured by you but I didn’t give permission, can they be removed?

A: Yes! We have our Babe of the Day feature where we find babes and post them. If you don’t want to appear, please contact us and we will remove you asap!

Q: I was shot by a staff photographer or affiliated photographer of GMM and want to have my photos/video removed.

A: Sorry, we don’t remove images of our featured models. We go through a lot to get a feature and we won’t just remove them.