Bree giggles

Bre Vivify

Bre Vivify

Bre Vivify
Bree Jackson is back!

Bree Jackson is BACK! Well, she was. For a short while. Bree and a guy who fancies himself a GMM Scout, got in touch with each other and Bree wanted to shoot again! Jay was heading through Colorado and was open to shooting with her so they made it happen!

Bree, as you can see, is still just as gorgeous and wonderful as she was years back (We’ve featured Bree here, and here and here) and this time, was open to shooting topless! Jay of course jumped at the chance and got some great images of her!

Jay was going to make a special trip out to Colorado to shoot Bree, as Bree was to become the first GMM Solo Model Site offering we had, but Bree has gone dark again. Jay is no longer going out to Colorado and we’re sad. Hopefully, Bree gets some time freed up and we can feature her!

If not, we have these gorgeous images to help us through the winter months:

And some art nudes: