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Model affiliate info

Model affiliate info

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As a model who wants to join the affiliate program, this page will give you all the info you need to be as successful as possible in making money with the GMM Member site. First up, the rules;

  • Not all submissions will be accepted. GMM is under no obligation to accept any submitted works.
  • All images or video submitted should be new and never seen online (if 100 photos shot and 10 seen, submit some of the other 90 never before seen)
  • All models must be 18 years of age or older at the time of the photo shoot. No exceptions.
  • All submissions must have minimum 30 photos + 16 initial photos. All members area submissions must be featured on the EZine
  • All accepted submissions must include the model photo ID and a photographer copyright release allowing you to submit on their behalf
  • A valid email address of the photographer for us to confirm copyright usage permission
  • Videos must be 10 minutes and HD in quality and must include the model photo ID and a model release
  • Photo/video submission should be glamour (lingerie at the least, up to and including erotic if so desired)
  • Once submission is accepted and featured, under no circumstances will the feature be removed.
  • Answer the GMM Q&A for your ezine feature.

And now, the how;

You actually won’t need to have images featured in order to make money with GMM! Once you sign up as an affiliate, you will be free to use your affiliate code on any hosted gallery or general link of your choosing! You are free to post the link to all your social media to have your fans sign up. You can email blast it or post it any place you want! We are different than other purchasing platforms as with them, you can see a set and not get paid for a while. People are able to see what you have, then dispute or charge it back. We use the top billing processing company in the world so charge backs don’t happen that much! Also, everyone that signs up to see your set, gets access to all the other sets within the members area! So they aren’t paying 3.00 for 30 photos. They’re paying 20.00 for thousands of photos! This means they will rebill and that means every week that they renew, you get their residual money!

Let’s face it; you model to make money! Even if you don’t want to make money, who can turn down money when it’s offered?

How do you get started? Your fist ever set published in the members area will need to be 46 images total! Why so many? Everyone who is featured in the GMM Members area are REQUIRED to be featured on Glamour Model Magazine FIRST! No exception! Although we have the paid area, our first and primary focus will always be GMM! The day your feature goes live, your members area set goes up as well! 16 images will be used for your GMM feature and at the bottom of your feature will be a link to the members area where people can sign up to see your photos.

Because we are dealing with photo and videos that are copyright protected, we will need a signed release from the photographer to run any images featured. No exceptions.

Any and all photos and videos accepted for feature will be part of the GMM members site. We will not pull members area features under any circumstances. Do not think you can skirt this rule.