The Photographers FAQ.

While there will never be a way to answer every question, this section should provide more info for our photographers.


 The Answers:

How do I become involved?

There are many ways to become involved with GMM! You have the option of being a Sponsor, Photographer, Author or joining our team as Social Media Master, promoter, etc. The first and most important part is to figure out realistically, how you want to become involved and what you’re wanting to do.

is there pay?

At this time there is no pay for photographers or models. We are always exploring this avenue and looking for ways to compensate our photographers. Presently, our pay is featuring your work on our ezine and pushing it in front of people. GMM is not a paper magazine.

Can I paste my logo on the image?

No. We don’t allow watermarks of any kind on the images. We credit you multiple times in the feature article and on our various social media sites.

Why is your logo on my images?

Branding! Your social media sites will be all over GMM and will point to your work. There is a watermark from GMM that is usually pasted lower left of the image, unobtrusive in marking. When the public sees your image with the GMM logo, they will come back to GMM and have the ability to see yours and all the other amazing work here. We are covering the hosting and cost of running everything, you reap the benefits of it all.


Whats the benefits of being a staff photographer?

As a staff photographer, any time a model contacts us in your area, she is given your information first. Anyone else, we advise the models to contact photographers in her area, as a staffer, we only accept work from you first. In markets that are larger like California and Texas, we may have multiple staff photographers in which case the work is split into regions. Active staff photographers are always our primary photographers for our workshops and other instructions. Workshops are paying gigs. Staff photographers are also allowed to use the GMM logo and name on their work and social media sites.

Whats the benefits of being a contributing photographer?

The benefits of being a contributing photographer is that you get published with GMM. Any workshops that GMM puts on, you will be invited out to be a monitor and help with the flow of the workshop. You will be listed on GMM’s Meet the team webpage and you get first choice of images published. Meaning if another photographer submits images of the same model, you will get preferential treatment.

How do I submit articles?

We do allow article submissions! These articles should not have been posted on the web or print previously. They should be geared towards glamour photography, modeling, makeup, marketing and any other part of the glamour modeling world. You do not need to be a contributing photographer or staff member of GMM to submit an article.


Should my submissions be never before seen?

Ideally, yes. We prefer images to be new to the web to give us that feature or first time run. There are exceptions to this rule and will be dependent on many various factors. In the past, we have allowed different images from the same set to be published. As long as those images have never been published anywhere.

Must my models images be nude?

The images don’t need to be nude in nature. However, we are a glamour publication so some level of nudity should be assumed. The absolute minimum style is lingerie. Anything less than that will not be reviewed. There are many other online publications that accept commercial work, please feel free to contact them.

Can I recommend my friend?

Yes! Feel free to have them contact us! This is model and photographer friendly publication! We make no promises or guarantee’s that they will be accepted. But we do love referrals.

How do I tell if I’m good enough for GMM?

The best way is to submit. As the days go by, we are refocusing GMM and only accepting submissions from our industry’s top photographers. We wish there was a way to say for certain who can and can not submit successfully, we just can’t. The best way to tell is to take an honest look at your work and see if it matches the same or betters the quality of our primary staff photographers Sal, Jay, Nino, Roger.


I’ve been turned down, when can I submit again?

This isn’t the DMV, you can submit multiple sets. One thing we’ve noticed is that photographers who are up and coming and still working on their style, some sets aren’t up to speed, while other ones are perfect.

How much can I charge models to shoot for submission?

We ask all our photographers to put a cap of 150.00 for submission shoots. Please remember this is something that benefits us ALL. GMM gets to publish your amazing work. You get to add another publication to your resume and the model gets to be featured. This doesn’t promise acceptance, but we do understand your time is worth something.

Must I sign a release?

Yes! We prefer to have a release per model and from the model. We understand sometimes you don’t have access to the model so we can use your release to cover both. As the copyright owner you have the authority to release images.

Must my model sign a release?

While we prefer to have the model sign the release, we understand sometimes the model is no longer available to sign a release and thus, you have no access to her. In these times it’s ok to not have a model sign the actual release.


Are there exceptions to the release?

No! We will need to have a copy of some sort of release on file. This is for our protection as well as your own.

How old must my model be?

The model must be 18 years of age no exception. The images must be shot after the legal age of 18. Emancipated minors are not accepted. 18+ no exception. We prefer our models to be 21+ but the U.S. Laws state 18 is the legal age. If you live in another country, the minimum age is accepted as long as it’s 18.

How do I get a banner/ad space on GMM?

We do accept sponsorship of GMM! We have several sponsorship features that will allow you to sponsor a model feature, article or GMM site with your images or logo as the GMM background.

Can I submit the same model twice? or more?

Unless the model is a huge success, we only accept one successful submission. For model features that have 100+ facebook likes and comments on her feature, we will find other ways to feature her. Make your feature images the BEST they can be as you don’t get a second chance!


What is an ezine? Will GMM go to print?

An ezine or Electronic Magazine is an online magazine. Today, with phablets and phones being 6-7 inches in height, paper magazines are becoming a thing of the past. People aren’t too keen on buying paper magazines in an effort to keep the earth environmentally safe, we do our part by focusing on the ezine. We will have at least one paper print magazine per year, but our emphasis is on the digital format.

I have a male model, do you accept those?

Sadly, GMM doesn’t accept male models at this time. We have featured a male model in the past, but there wasn’t much of a turn out on it. Lots of people like the feature and think our male is good looking, but majority of our readers want to see females.

I’ve noticed some of your features have video, must I video as well?

No. Video isn’t a requirement, but it does help to get your model better likes and interaction on our ezine, fb and twitter. It gives the viewers a better chance at seeing your model and how she moves, interacts with the camera and overall, how she looks minus photos. Some of our most popular features include video.

I don’t have a camcorder, what do you recommend?

Most current DSLR’s have video built in to the body. You can use that to record a minute or two of video.

I don’t know how to edit video, can you help?

For your feature model yes, we can help you edit the video. You will upload the video either to dropbox or some place else. We will download it and edit it for you.