Submission info for Models

Submission info for Models – Glamour Model Magazine

Hello and welcome to Glamour Model Magazine! We are ALWAYS on the look out for exceptional models to represent Glamour Model Magazine! Depending on your location in the world, your app will be forwarded to the photographer nearest you. That photographer will have an online packet for you to review. Please note-not everyone who applies, will be selected. Please don’t take it personal. We have a question and answer form that we ask everyone to fill out. This application lets us get to know you a bit better and helps us in the selection process. We don’t have a specific look in mind, we just want great people to promote! Being featured in Glamour Model Magazine is a non paying feature. We will promote you on our site and social media markets. Starting mid to late 2014, GMM will get our staff photographers together to teach workshops across the US. Our top models will receive an invite.  This will be yet another amazing outlet and chance to get to either California, Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, Texas or Georgia! If you live in one of the above states, we will forward your info off to the Staff Photographer in your area.  If you don’t live in one of our states, please feel free to review the photos and video we have here on GMM and find a photographer in your area. You AND the photographer will need to fill out a usage agreement allowing us to run the images on GMM. We will only accept submission work from our Staffers, in their area.

* To be considered, please upload a photo of your government issued ID or Valid passport to prove 18+ or older. Any submissions with out this will not be accepted. Glamour Model Magazine is an 18+ publication

The final step to become a featured model of Glamour Model Magazine is to fill out or general application:

Acceptable file types: doc,pdf,txt,gif,jpg,jpeg,png,nef.
Maximum file size: 10000000mb.

*California is a big state and as long as your no where near David Hickey or Sal W Hanna, we can work something out.