GMM is looking for help!

GMM is looking for help and you very well may be that person or persons we’re looking for!

Glamour Model Magazine is growing and as a result, we are looking for people to grow with us! We have many projects planned for the upcoming year and need people to help us grow! At this point, all positions posted are unpaid positions, but as the company moves to a more monetary growth direction, positions will be paid. If interested, here are the listed positions:


Our social media interns are the heart and soul of GMM! You guys will help GMM grow and reach larger audiences! The job description and duties are:

Remote posting to the Glamour Model Magazine Facebook page.

Remote posting to the Pintrest, Twitter, IG and other media pages.

Remote sharing photos, videos and other awesome things found on the web!

Remotely interacting with people and helping to facilitate features.


Our Editors are the guys and girls that post our features and schedule them out. Think it’s easy? Think again! You will be working hand in hand with with our talent team to not only find features, but schedule them and work with our social media team to get advanced promotion of them done!

Editors are in charge of all copy. Your job will include layout of e-zine features, spell, grammatical and error checks. Organizing of features and publishing them.

You will be working closely with the EIC and our talent team to decide who gets ran and when. Think that sounds easy? Miss an email and watch them remind you over and over and over again!

*You will need to have wordpress experience. We will teach you what you need to have a successful post, but knowing wordpress is prime.

 *We have been contacted by several retouchers, this is filled now.

Art Director of magazine:

We are looking for an Art Director of the paper magazine! We have templates and layouts and also looking for someone who has experience with Adobe InDesign, etc. We don’t want our print editions to be thrown together in your momma’s basement! Well, as long as you have a great setup down there!


You don’t need tons of experience with the positions except retouchers. We have a specific look we’re going for and retouching is key. But for the other positions all you need to do is spend an unhealthy amount of time online and willing to spend 15-20 minutes sharing GMM and posting to GMM per few days! If this is you? Don’t hesitate to contact us ASAP!