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Say it twice; Vanity Vice

Say it twice; Vanity Vice GMM: Our own Ben Ray has taken some time off from photography but is BACK! And he brought with him, an absolutely GORGEOUS vixen, Vanity Vice. A little about her: Originally from...

Bre Vivify

Bre Vivify Bree Jackson is back! Bree Jackson is BACK! Well, she was. For a short while. Bree and a guy who fancies himself a GMM Scout, got in touch with each other and Bree wanted to shoot again! Jay was...
We're still around!

We’re still around!

We're still around! We're still around! Lola of Minneapolis, MN will be featured soon! It's been a while, for that, we apologize! We were on a great posting streak then bam! Done. Well, we ran into an issu...