New Submissions guidelines
New Submissions guidelines

New Submissions guidelines

New Submissions guidelines

2019 brings new ideas, new changes and new opportunities to GMM! We are looking to start paying for quality submissions! There are requirements, but here is the jest of what we’re doing:


Looking for social media analyst.

This person will be responsible for posting updates to the GMM insta and facebook pages. Pay to start is 100 a month for 10 updates per week.


We presently have two types of submissions: Social Media and Members area.

Social Media: 5.00 per accepted photo.

Members area: 100.00 per accepted set.*


The rules:

The Social Media Analyst will be responsible for making posts to the Official GMM Facebook and Instagram pages. The images will be provided by GMM as well as by the media analyst themselves. The analyst will not be asked or required to reply to mail, requests or comments. Granted, the analyst would be welcomed to after some time has passed.  The payout can be made via Paypal or wire transfer monthly or weekly.

GMM Members area:

Mid 2018 GMM launched it’s Members area that’s open to the public. We are officially accepting sets from other photographers and *models. For every accepted set GMM will pay 100.00 via paypal or Google Pay. The requirements for the Members area is that the set must not have been published anywhere no exception. They must be up to and including glamour nude. There must be a release signed by the photographer giving GMM full usage rights as GMM will use the photos in all marketing and social media posts. GMM will also retain the right to use the images as long as GMM is in existence. Once GMM has paid for the usage rights, at no time will the images EVER be removed from the site or social media.