Denver Pixie model Krystine

Denver Pixie model Krystine is just beautiful! B-E-A-utiful! Staffer Jay sent OVER 50 edited images with a note saying: “Good luck!” After half hour, I was  able to sort through and find the best of the best. As a photographer who shoots over 100 new faces per year, to have one face stand out takes a lot. Krystine was one of those faces for Jay and she has a unique story from Jay’s perspective. Let’s take a moment and found out more about Jay’s thoughts on this Pixie Queen:

Name: Krystine

Occupation: Student

GMM:  Jay, tell us about “Pixie Queen”?

Jay: HAH!! Krystine is my Pixie Queen!!

GMM: O.K., For those of us not in the know, what does that mean?

Jay: When I first met her, I told her she was as beautiful as a Pixie. She had no clue what that meant, so she didn’t know if it were an insult? or compliment?

GMM: So which was it?

Jay: Compliment, of course. Pixies are TinkerBell of Disney. She’s hot too!

GMM: O.K. this got weird really quick. How did you meet her?

Jay: I found her on Facebook. I had SERIOUS doubts she was a real person so I contacted her and asked her real life questions. Lots of porn bots on social media sites. She turned out to be very real, but living and going to school in Savannah, GA.

GMM: Did you go to GA to shoot her?

Jay: No, she’s from Denver and a few months later she came home to visit.

GMM: What was that like?

Jay: AWESOME! She is very real and very amazing! She was one of those women you can just stare at and stare at. Drool a little, than finish staring. She was VERY chill! Nothing was a big deal and she had fun.

GMM:  Do you guys still keep in touch?

Jay: We do but it’s off and on. She appears to be past shooting so I don’t bother her. Every  now and then I’ll see her on my FB and want to reach out to her, but it’s better to leave things where they are.

GMM: Now that we’re going to print, maybe you should contact her?

Jay: Maybe, we’ll see.