Do You Eat?

One of the common misconceptions is that models don’t eat. This is not true.

doyoueatSince the dawn of time  models have had the experience of patrons coming and asking, “Do you eat?”. This is usually from the woman who has been going to the gym for years and has never lost weight, or from the over achieving male who has nothing but curvy girls on his Facebook, and has no problem telling you that his preference is a ‘curvy woman’.

It’s not that models don’t eat, as a matter of fact, models love to eat! I have not always ate the way I eat today. Prior to being in the fitness industry and a NPC competitor, I knew nothing about nutrition. Since I became a sponsored athlete, I forced myself to read everything and ask a million questions to IFBB Pros and fitness gurus. Ever since I changed what I ate (NOTE: Not how much, but WHAT), I immediately started to see how my skin was changing along with how my insides felt. Psychologically, my moods were balanced and I had more confidence. Physically, I could walk a flight of stairs without feeling like it was my exercise for the day. Lastly, I could actually comprehend the information I was gathering at school since I am also a full time student. On photo shoots, my energy went through the roof. Most photos shoots I burn through so much energy, I need to bring food to eat.

So when I eat, what do I eat? Most people will tell you that most models don’t eat carbs. That’s a lie.

Carbs are actually essential for brain function. Please click the link for further education.

In a very general way, what I would like all the potential models to understand is that there is plenty of education out there for you to learn about how to stay away from fad diets and the ‘easy’ pill. For now models, please go to your local community college and or library and read something with an academic value about nutrition.

And yes, you’re allowed to eat.

Written by former contributor

do you eat?