Emily is no one’s little sister anymore!

Emily is no one’s little sister anymore! Emily is the sister of Staffer Jay’s former Muse. Tall, leggy and beautiful, I had the chance ot speak with Emily personally and found her to be everything Jay has built her up to be. I’m sad she never came in for her shoot, but let’s take a few moments and get to know “Em” from Jay’s point of view:

GMM: Let’s talk Emily?

Jay: Let’s do it sister!.

GMM: O.K., I’m a boy, but how did you meet Emily?

Jay: Emily is the sister of my former Muse, Lauren. It was a double threat because I loved my Muse and her sister had a lot of the same features..

GMM: Tell us about the shoot?

Jay: I noticed she was shy, almost reserved. I’m not sure if it’s because she was intimidated by the relationship her sister and I had? or if she was just shy, but she seemed to me, to be living in  her sisters shadow. 

GMM: Did she want the shoot?

Jay: I think she did, but she was differing to her sister a lot. 

GMM: Did that bother you?

Jay: Not at all! Lauren and I got a lot of amazing shots done! She (Lauren) is who I credit a lot of my early serious success too. She was my Muse!

GMM: So tell us more about your Muse, Lauren?

Jay: Lauren isn’t modeling anymore, or if she is, not with me. I’m terribly afraid that Emily is living in her sisters shadow and I want to keep this about her.

GMM: I understand. What styles did she shoot?

Jay: The first shoot we did, she shot up to and including implied topless. The other, lingerie.

GMM: Why the change?

Jay: After the first shoot, her and I spoke about setting up another shoot. I asked as I do with everyone “Are we shooting the same? more? less? than last time?” She said lingerie, she didn’t feel too comfortable shooting implied.

GMM: Ah bummer! How did the second shoot go?

Jay: No bummer, as I always say; her body, her rules. Besides, if she’s not comfortable it will show in the photos.

GMM: From what we see, she looks super comfortable?

Jay: She was open to the ideal and gave it a try. Apparently after she wasn’t open to the ideal. 

GMM: When her and I spoke, she said she was open to implied nude?

Jay: It had been about a year or two since I’d spoken with her, she might have opened up to more again. She’s grown and matured more since then.. 

GMM: Is there anything else we should know about Emily?

Jay: She’s awesome! You can visit my page and see a bit more info on our shoot there. 

GMM: Thanks, Jay. I will continue working to get her in for an updated feature!