Fourth Annual Tropic Beauty Pageant 3

In our third and final segment, we learn who the winners are. Thanks again to GMM Staffer Roger Talley for covering the event!


In all, 19 girls won prizes, of two different types.  The first group was cash and modeling contracts, many of them well over a thousand dollars.  Winners of these were chosen by the sponsors, not the judges, and four of the winners were not on the “topTropBeauty058 50” list approved to select contest winners from.  Five of the Top Ten in the contest did not win any of those prizes from sponsors.  Another example of how different groups can have very different opinions of what makes a beautiful woman.










When the results of the contest itself were announced, Elizabeth Smith of Jacksonville, Florida was the winner (having also won two of the major sponsor prizes).  The second place winner, also voted Miss Congeniality, was Tra’shell Thompson of Atlanta, Georgia.  The remainder of the Top Ten were:


Third place: Catherine Cybulkiewicz, Valencia, Venezuela (44)
Fourth place: Michelle McKay, Calgary AB (78)
Fifth place: Runa Lucienne, Beverly Hills, CA (97)

Other Top Ten finishers: Tia McDonald, Gainesville, FL (also Miss Photogenic) (51), Ten Ednyr Marie, Boca Raton, FL (60), Andrea Jarova, Bratislava, Slovakia (83), Christina Tufford, Jupiter, FL and Kyra Keli, New York, NY (96).