GMM Glamour Model Orchid

GMM Glamour Model Orchid fits perfectly as a glamour model, but she is also a terrific video model. This 22 year old Haitian model is flawless from head-to-toe and her love for modeling is obvious as she displays countless poses to showcase her incredible natural curves. Orchid is tattoo free because she wants to allow photographers to work with a clean canvas and without any limitations. Checkout the rest of Orchid’s page to see how much she really loves the video camera.

Photographed for Glamour Model Magazine by

Name: Orchid

Occupation? Freelance model and Free Spirit

How did you meet Orchid?

Orchid contacted me via ModelMayhem. In her email she stated that she was completely new to modeling. All she had was a couple of images from a runway show.

What was your inspiration for the shoot?

Sometimes the model brings magazine tears of what she likes and sometimes I just look at the wardrobe or the shooting location. In Orchid’s case, she wanted to shoot lingerie and do something super sexy.

How did you get the ideas for the two videos?

Well, that is kinda funny since I had no intention of even shooting a video. We were shooting the stills and Orchid asked if I shoot video and if we could do that as well. Here we are in this amazing 1920’s style house with great windows and architectural elements…. sure, why not!

How did you direct Orchid?

Orchid’s lingerie was from Agent Provocateur, which immediately gave me ideas of the over-the-top commercials AP did back in 2000. Controversial and provocative images, with moody lighting, shot on location in old train cars. I asked Orchid to do a slow runway walk in the first video and played it back for her to see. She just got it and we shot both videos in about 2 hours. Easily the 2 sexiest videos I have filmed …. and the model kept her clothes on the whole time, LOL.

How many times did you shoot with Orchid?

Just that one time. Last time we spoke she thanked me again and said she was moving to LA to pursue acting.