I’ve shot Samantha several times over the years, and she’s my “go to” model in Las Vegas for a lot of the kinds of things I shoot. She also loves to travel, so we have done some of that for pictures also.




The first thing you notice about Samantha is that she’s tall. Very tall. Six feet tall. And slim. And beautiful. Then you start noticing other things.

Samantha is smart, quick, creative. You don’t give her an idea, you share it with her, she makes it her own, and next thing you know she is off doing something wonderful in front of your camera.

Then you notice more. Get her around people, she draws a crowd. Then she owns the crowd – she’s a natural leader, all outgoing and stuff, and people respond to her.

And she’s fearless. Wherever, whatever, if it’s fun or creative she is likely to be up for it. Hot? Cold? Uncomfortable? A little dangerous? Standing out in the middle of a busy street naked? Yeah, she’s interested.

As this is written, Sam is off touring the country, shooting a pilot for a reality TV series. I’m not the only one to realize the talents she brings to a shoot.


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