Jessie the pinup model

Jessie is not a model.  She told me that as she came in the door.  But she was a friend of Perla Capetillo, a hair stylist who had done a lot of work with me, had seen some of our pictures, and wondered whether we might be able to give it a go, just for fun?
Of course we could.  Perla is fond of pin-up style, and Jessica also, so we settled on that.  Perla did the hair, Jessie supplied some of the clothes, and we set out to “do pinup”.

If ever there were a girl, and a body, made for pinup, it is Jessie’s, and she ended up having a good time with it.  After she saw the pictures she wondered if, perhaps, she might want to think more about this model thing after all.

Roger Talley

Hair and makeup by Perla Capetillo, VaVoom Studios Las Vegas.