Just J:Perience

Today it’s just J:Perience and us! Shot by guest photographer Holger van Dreumel, we are happy to bring you this Swiss beauty!

Glamour Model Magazine Images ©HVDPhotography Model: J:perience
Glamour Model Magazine Images ©HVDPhotography Model: J:perience

Who is this lovely lady?

This is  J:perience.

When did you guys shoot?

The shooting took place end of January this year.

How many times have you guys shot?

The January shoot was our first collaboration.

Did she live up to your expectation when it came to modeling?

Very, as you can tell by the results. We had three more shootings ever since and a lot more to come.

What was something, other than her beauty, you noticed right away?

Her very classy, elegant look, great looks, easy to handle and very involved

What is something this model taught you?

Great looks, easy to handle and very involved.

Is J:Perience still modeling?

Yes, she is you’ll find her Fan Page in Facebook by looking for J:perience or keep up to date with her activities by getting her smart phone app in any of the major app stores for free.

If you had the chance to do it all over, would you?

Of course… no regret’s at all. At the contrary…

Anything else you want us to know about J:Perience?

If you get the chance working with her, involve her as early as possible. Even if still in the planning phase. It definitely pays off. She’s stunning