Kristy Jessica, Pure Rebel

My name is Kristy Jessica, some call me Rebel


I’m a Full time freelance traveling model originally born and raised in Seattle, WA. I am part Chippewa, Cherokee, French, Danish, Brittish, and Romanian.


What are your measurements?


Give us 5 words that you think best describe you?

Shameless, Energetic, Creative, Free, Chill

 Your Astrological sign here, how would you describe your personality in that regard?

I don’t follow horoscopes much, but I am a Cancer. According to what I have learned from astrology, a Cancer is loyal, creative, and introverted. These aspects are very true about me! It takes me a long time to cultivate “love” because I guard my heart ferociously, when I do, it really blossoms! My horoscope also tells me I am passionate in bed.

What would you say is your best asset?

My greatest asset is my ability to innovate. I learn from my experiences to enhance my future, and I come up with new methods to further my modeling career and build skills that will be useful when I am no longer modeling. A few of these skills I am currently sharpening are video production, coordinating events, counseling other models, and building lasting relationships.

What do others compliment you on the most?

I often get compliments on my blue eyes.


How did you get started in modeling?

When I was 18 years old, a photographer on Myspace asked me if I wanted to do a lingerie shoot. I always wanted to model, so I said yes! Modeling built up my confidence and stimulated my creativity, so I continued as a hobby model for a while. Eventually people started asking me what my rates were, and here I am now!


Are you signed with an agency?

Nope! I book all my own gigs, and I travel the country to new cities each month. Freelance modeling pays my bills and then some, and I don’t have to model outside of my comfort zone. I write my own schedule and manage my expenses all on my own. I pay my taxes too!


What do you enjoy most about modeling?

There are so many things I could say here, but my favorite aspect of modeling is that I can express myself, and re-live moments through revisiting the photos. I love posing for artistic nudes because it allows me to sync with my inner human being and radiate whatever passion that has been oppressed by mainstream society.


What is the funniest thing to happen to you on a shoot?

I was at a photo studio in Seattle for a liquid light themed shoot involving tons of multicolor neon black-light paint splashed all over my body and soaked through my hair. Apparently the building recently remodeled their bathrooms and no longer had functioning showers! I awkwardly ran up and down the halls in a towel, looking like an anxious candy kid after an epic FreakNight. An understanding lady from a neighboring studio lent me a giant bucket, and pointed me to the janitor’s closet. Frantically, I locked myself in the closet, filled up the bucket with soapy water, and used up a roll of bounty paper towels to give myself a “sponge bath”. I was under the gun as I had another shoot to get to afterwards!


What are the top three things you like to shoot?

Artistic nudes: allows me to “interpretive dance” my inner feeling through my body and into the lens.

Bikini Glamour: takes me to fun places like the beach, and shows my best assets!

Experimenting with light and shadows: allows me to collaborate creatively with the photographer, bodyscapes, light painting, shadow play, all are fun as a team effort!


Do you enjoy the constant attention and adoration that comes with being a glamour model?

I appreciate getting compliments from people, as long as they’re tasteful. I do have stalkers, which is sometimes nerve-wracking… I like to use my power as a popular model to advertise to aspiring models that I offer free advice about freelance modeling. Building relationships with fans, photographers, and other models is really where I reap my rewards!


Where do you want your career to be in two years?

In two years I will have exponentially increased my social media following. My next goal will be fitness modeling! I will get a personal trainer and learn from that experience while getting my bikini figure in shape. Through fitness modeling I can become a fitness trainer myself, or a motivational coach.


What are some of your hidden talents other than modeling?

Karaoke is currently one of my favorite hobbies. I also enjoy skiing, hiking, playing guitar, and occasionally painting or drawing.


Take us through your getting ready to model routine?

Well it depends on what type of shoot, but generally I communicate first with the photographer online and/ or over the phone about theme, outfits, rate, makeup, hair, location, and time. When the time comes, I make sure to pack my outfits (usually the night before) and get plenty of sleep before the shoot. I shower, do my own hair and makeup, and arrive in loose fitting clothing with at least 15 minutes to spare for final hair/ makeup touch-ups. I greet the photographer and lay out my outfits while we chat about what the goals for the shoot are!


What is the best info you can give a new model?

If you want to achieve any success in modeling, you have to represent yourself as a brand and conduct yourself as a professional. This means showing up on time (15 minutes early), leaving your personal life at home, reading and responding to your emails every day, and having a good attitude! Nobody wants to hire a flake, and nobody wants to work twice with a model who shows up late or hung over!


As a model, what would you say has been your biggest obstacle?

Getting over my personal insecurities was the toughest hurdle to get over. A “model” stereotypically means stick thin, tall, big boobs, and I am short, somewhat curvy, and with natural “average” sized boobs. I used to always think I needed to be signed to an agency, or published in Vogue or something to be considered a professional model. Now that my confidence is steadfast, I know I am in control of my own career.


If you had to walk away from modeling today, what would you like to be remembered most for?

I would like to be remembered for the help I provided to other aspiring freelance models. Cooperation is far more rewarding than competition. Models should support each other, not tear each other down!

Any models who want to ask any questions about freelance modeling please email me