The beautiful Erica Campbell shot by Mark Daughn for Glamour Model Magazine

Laundry Queen Erica Campbell

Laundry Queen Erica Campbell! We would be terrible laundry assistants as we would spend all our time drooling at her! Shot by Glamour Model Magazine new Editor and Staff Photographer Mark Daughn, these are quite possibly the hottest images of Erica ever! Let’s get to know a little more about the Laundry Queen Erica Campbell

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Mark, who is this lovely lady?

Erica Campbell, Mystique Model of the Year, Penthouse Pet, Playboy Special Editions Model of the Year.


How many times have you guys shot?

Erica and I worked together about 3 or 4 times.


How did you meet  her?

Erica entered the Mystique Magazine Model Search and placed in the top 25, which brought her to Belize for the finals where I photographed her for the first time. BTW she ultimately won the contest and became the Mystique Model of the Year.


When you met, what was the first thing you noticed about her?

Her incredible figure coupled with this all American girl-next-door face.


Did she live up to your expectations when it came to modeling?

Erica Campbell shot by Mark Daughn for Glamour Model Magazine
Erica Campbell shot by Mark Daughn for Glamour Model Magazine

She exceeded my expectations. Erica is one of those models that was willing to really dig in and go the extra distance. When I shoot, I use a story about the scene, the situation and the character.  I ask the model to become as much as possible the character, expressing many different emotions for each look. Erica was amazing and fearless at letting those emotions really come out and be seen allowing me to capture some incredible real looking images.


Other than her obvious beauty, what was something you noticed right away?

Her quiet confidence; she was very sure of herself and her appeal. That made her a potent model.


Is Erica still modeling?

While this natural beauty is no longer modeling, she is still an incredibly popular model.  Her fans continue to ask for more and more of her, so I produced a Special Edition calendar featuring some of her best photos.  This calendar is one of my top selling this year and will sell out quickly.  Click here for more details.

If you had the chance to do it all over, would you?

Are you kidding?! Completely! I would change one thing though, I’d shoot a lot more of her. It would be hard to have too many shoots of her.


Anything else about Erica or her session we haven’t covered? Or that you want us to know?

In this scene, I was asking Erica to portray a woman who was living in less than the best circumstances, facing a hard life but doing it with all the tools she had at her command – a strong, hard-living, sexy woman who knows her own mind. She really blew it away and became the character – it was amazing to see and photograph.


Now you said you had a surprise for our readers??

Yes, I wanted to offer the GMM readers this set of featured images in the full size, which is almost 5000 pixels by 5000 pixels. I’m going to add in 15 extra images, making it a set of 40 images. I’ll keep this offer available for ten days after the release of her feature in GMM. Just email me at and request the URL and password to download the zip file.