Playboy model Sara Jean Underwood
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In the glamour genre, some models need no introduction: but we still like to introduce them Playboy model Sara jean Underwood!

Sara Jean needs no introduction but we enjoy saying her name.

Sara Jean needs no introduction but we enjoy saying her name.

GMM’s obsession with Sara Jean goes way back. In fact, it goes back to 2009 when we saw her in the…critically acclaimed movie, Miss March:

Don’t judge us, we like good movies!

Anyway, Sara jean is one of those models who just gets better with time:

Years ago, staffer Jay reached out to her and wanted to shoot her, his impression:

She’s pretty amazing! She wrote back and said she wasn’t doing any nude shoots anymore but offered other styles. In my stupidity, I passed it up. Damn you glamour model photography!

Not smart on Jay’s part, but we have these photos to review:

And another smoking hot video:

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