Soffia Danielle

Dangerous in Red


Soffia Danielle not only looks great in red, but she looks great in nothing at all. Yep, we spelled that right. S-o-f-f-i-a is a petite model from Southern California that captivates you with her alluring eyes, but stops you in your tracks with her tempting strip tease. At 25 years of age, Soffia knows her way around a sexy set of lingerie. At a Double Zero size, her curves stand out while roaming around this king sized bed.

Let’s get to know the gorgeous Soffia Danielle. As a So Cal Native she enjoys the Cali sun, beaches and of course the amazing desert mountains. Off-roading, shooting and of course the amazing food is what keeps this model entertained. As a newcomer to the scene of modeling she not only is catching the attention of local photographers, but magazines such as Glamour Model Magazine and she has a set coming up in UnCovered Magazine! Soffia got into modeling when a makeup artist friend of hers asked her to join in on a shoot hosted by a local photographer. Since then she fell in love with the industry and has now moved into nude shoots. We can all appreciate her dedication to this craft 😉