Tape Couture with Shandi

Tape Couture with Colorado model Shandi


Model: Shandi
Photos: Roger Talley Photography

Shandi is a model who lives in Pueblo, Colorado, but who was in Las Vegas to work as a ring girl for a MMA event.  I met her at a “Tape Couture” party in Las Vegas where she was one of the models being taped up by the artist, William Middleton.  There was a break in the proceedings, she stepped outside for a bit, and I followed.

Would she be interested in doing a little modeling in that tape?  She would.  And so we did a shoot right there in the parking lot outside the club, around midnight, with nothing but the lights of the shopping mall to shoot by.

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Roger grew up in Vancouver, BC, then joined the US Air Force, where he worked as a linguist and intelligence officer. He also spent years working as an Aerospace engineer for Lockheed Martin. Along the way, Roger got a degree in photography, which he used with the Air Force, but also began working as a photojournalist, commercial and fashion photographer. He has shot 75 TV ads, and stopped counting a long time ago at his 200th editorial tear sheet. For five years Roger owned and operated a model agency in New York City, and now lives and works with photography and models in Las Vegas. He is the author of a book on modeling, http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0615146775/, and is the primary author of the modeling advice website www.newmodels.com

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