Tasha Tusler

Tasha Tusler beauty defined.

Tasha Tusler beauty defined.

It was a beastly, hot, humid, day selected for the casting call. I was one of a few photographers helping shoot prospective models for a bikini calendar. Meant to last only a few hours, a few of us stuck it out, thumbing our noses at the harsh, Oklahoma sun.
Technically, we didn’t have a choice but to tough it out. After all, there were beautiful, bikini clad women ready, willing, and able to model.
On location for hours, it was only towards the end that I had the opportunity to work with Tasha. Confident, colorful, and tattooed, she seemed comfortable in front of the lens. Tired and tamed by the heat, I left knowing I had neither given her my best work nor done her justice.

A year later, I would find myself working with Tasha under more comfortable conditions. Air conditioning and strong, expletive-laced music provided a stark contrast to our first meeting. We had a few different looks planned and a relaxed time table. She worked through each set effortlessly, belying the fact that she had already spent a few hours on another hot, summer shoot with another photographer.

In front of the camera, Tasha simply does not tire. Her drive to have a serious role in the modelling community is just as strong. An advocate for alternative models, this Colorado native currently shares her Tulsa, Oklahoma home with her precious little girl. Balancing modeling and family with careful precision, Tasha is on a tear!

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A part-time photographer, Mark Gunter continues his search to define, refine, and redefine his photographic style. The majority of his clientele seeks him out for senior portraits and product photography, but one can often find models in front of his lens as well. Alongside several local publications and art shows, his writing and images have been shared in industry blogs and magazines. Never satisfied with his latest work, every chance to shoot is another chance to grow. Mark Gunter Yukon, Oklahoma www.questionmarkphoto.com www.markgunterphoto.com

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