Lucia Staurovska by Jim Jurica Photography

Chicago Model Lucia Staurovska

Chicago Model Lucia Staurovska is a charming mix of glamour and fashion, with legs that go on for days.  She comes to us by way of Slovakia, and has taken the internet modeling world by storm.  Just check out her Facebook page, where her over 100,000 fans seem to sit on the edge of their seats, waiting for Lucia’s next image post.  We inserted ourselves into her busy modeling schedule for a quickie ( photo shoot and video, that is)  for a Glamour Model Magazine interview that’s sure to make you happy for the holidays.

Name: Lucia Staurovska
Occupation: Model
Stats:   32″-25″-34″

GMM:  How did you get started in modeling?

Lucia:  I always loved fashion, new styles and I started model six years ago. My first photo shoot was in Prague. It became passion in my life and I always look for new opportunities.

GMM:  Are you published? And if so, where?

Lucia:  I was published in few magazines, online publications…

GMM:  What styles of modeling do you do best?

Lucia:  I prefer to do swimsuit, lingerie…things that show how beautiful and confident woman can look.

GMM:  In your opinion, what are your best features?

Lucia:  My eyes, hair and legs for sure.

GMM:  Are you signed with any agencies?

Lucia:  I am not yet signed with any agency.

GMM:  Do you get to travel for modeling?  If so, whats the coolest location so far?

Lucia:  I was in a lot of cities, like Milan, Prague etc.

GMM:  Any advice for new models just getting into the industry?

Lucia:  Be the best version of yourself.  Don’t compare yourself with anyone.

GMM:  Do you have a favorite photo shoot? Or funny photo shoot experience you can share?

Lucia:  Actually this shoot was one of my favorite because I had a lot of fun.

GMM:  Where do you see your modeling career headed one year from now?  Five years from now?

Lucia:  One of my goals is to for with Victoria’s Secret.I love how beautiful they present and appeal to women.  Anything to do with VS would be dream come true.

GMM:  When you’re not modeling, what do you do for fun?

Lucia:  I make sure to eat right, exercise and work hard to look and feel great.

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