Timeless Jae Cobain


Jay the love child shot by Roger Talley
Jay the love child shot by Roger Talley


I first saw Jae at a fashion show in Las Vegas.  She walked down the runway wearing a neck piece by IShineNSparkle and all eyes were riveted on her.  At 5’11” she is a commanding presence; in that outfit everyone was delighted to be commanded to look.

Jae is one of those classic-look beauties that looks like she just walked off the set of a George Hurrell Hollywood glamour set.  She has that timeless aspect that refuses easy categorization.  With very light, nearly translucent skin she can do everything from goth (which she enjoys) to alternative, as well as high fashion.  I was entranced.

My next obvious move was to meet her and set up a shoot.  Elena Pineda, the designer for IShineNSparkle Jewelry, was happy to act as both intermediary and stylist, and off to the river we went 😉

Model: Jae Cobain
Photos: Roger Talley
Stylist: Elena Pineda

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