Pink, Blue, Ink & Boobs

Torrid James has a style all her own.

Sometimes alternative models all get lumped in that one style and called “hopefuls,” but Torrid James doesn’t need to be hopeful. Torrid is a star in her own right. With publication credits in all different genre’s Torrid can capture a viewers attention and not just because of her hair. As her style changes, her posing ability captivates the audience.

When meeting Torrid the first thing one might notice is her alternative look, but what you remember from the experience is her sweet, gentle demeanor. She is one who loves being a model and understands that as a profession, models typically don’t have the best reputation on being timely or responsible. Unlike “internet models,” Torrid takes her job seriously and treats each booking as a new day at work. She shows up ready and willing to take on the tasks to get the job done to the clients specifications.

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of watching her mature in her style and her movements.  Each year that has gone by she has impressed me even more with her dedication to her craft. It’s an outlet for Torrid and an outlet that I am glad to be a part of.