Underwater with Bonnie Leigh
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Underwater with Bonnie Leigh

Model: Bonnie Leigh Photographer: Brett Stanley

Underwater with Bonnie Leigh

GMM: Bonnie Leigh,  Tell us about yourself?

Maisa: I’m a business owner and model from the Great Barrier Island, New Zealand. I’m a model and my measurements are a size 10 with 32F.

GMM: Give us 5 words that you think best describe you?

Maisa: Caring loyal and loving-but I have a really mean streak too ha-ha.

GMM: What astrological sign are you?…how would you describe your personality in that regard?

Maisa: I am a Libra, but I don’t think I’m a true Libra, I tend to make a decision and stick to it.

GMM: What would you say is your best asset?

Maisa: Probably my eyes.i get complimented on my eyes and hair all the time from men and women.

Our first ever underwater feature: Bonnie-leigh shot by Brett Stanley

GMM: How did you get started in modeling?

Maisa: I just fell into it really. I’ve been doing it casually since I was ten years old.

GMM: What do you enjoy most about modeling?

Maisa: Meeting all the beautiful women. I’ve made some really good friends from in front of the camera and behind.

GMM: What are the top three things you like to shoot?

Maisa: Believe it or not, I actually prefer to shoot with clothes on. Not that you’d be able to tell though ha-ha.

GMM: Do you enjoy the constant attention and adoration that comes with being a glamour model?

Maisa: Yes I do but I also enjoy being normal. If you saw me on an average day when I’m not on set, you’d see a outdoors girl with no makeup on. I enjoy motorbike riding, four wheel driving and fishing.

GMM: Where do you want your career to be in two years?

Maisa: Hopefully traveling all over the world shooting!

Our first ever underwater feature: Bonnie-leigh shot by Brett Stanley

GMM: Take us through your getting ready to model routine?

Maisa: Healthy living and eating. I cut out carbs a week before I shoot. Drink lots of water and lather on the moisturizer all over myself..ready..set..go!

GMM: What is the best info you can give a new model?

Maisa: Stay true to yourself. Don’t compare yourself with other models. You are unique.

GMM: As a model, what would you say has been your biggest obstacle?

Maisa: Getting past the fact that I’m not a size 6 and 7feet tall ha-ha.

GMM: If you had to walk away, what would you like to be remembered most for?

Maisa:Being beautiful on the inside.

GMM: What, if anything, did we leave out that you want your fans to know?

Maisa: Follow me on Instagram and twitter!


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