What a Fox! Audrina Fox  is definitely a go getter when it comes to her works & modeling. She takes it very seriously and no matter if its shooting swimwear in 20 degree weather, or working in the middle of the woods, she always gives everything her 100% and then some. She is a sweetheart and a pleasure too work with, always. I’d definitely feel very confident in referring her to any photographer/company to work with if given the chance! Its rare in this industry to find someone who is as driven, motivated and determined. She is one of those rare models who the more you shoot the more she inspires idea’s and always gives her input into the shoot.

Audrina Fox shot by Suicide and Redemption

Audrina Fox shot by Suicide and Redemption

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I am a full time Photographer & Re-toucher and Photoshop Artist from Cairns Australia currently residing in Georgia. I have been shooting now for 24 years in 6 countries & over 600 publications to date. My work is my expression of the world around me, I love to reach out and grab the viewers attention through my works. I'm a workaholic & Coffee & Photoshop are my biggest vices.

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