All Ali Sonoma

All Ali Sonoma It has been some time since we’ve seen a post from David Hickey so let’s change that!

A long time favorite of Glamour Model Magazine is Ali Sonoma. Some of you may know her from her days as a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) Ring girl, others may  know her from her modeling days after the UFC or her appearance on the TV show “The Mole”. We at GMM know her from David’s work and know her as one of the most beautiful women he’s shot.Ali 111GMM

David is always willing to share his work and sharing Ali was no problem. We held on to these for some time waiting for the right time to share them. Being UFC had it’s first ever UFC Straweight champion crowned last night, we thought we’d start the weekend off in style with Ali. After doing some searching, it doesn’t appear Ali is modeling anymore so lets look back fondly on what her and David gave us: