Sabine the adventurous


Sabine the adventurous.  A shoot with her is likely to veer into unexpected directions, or entail a little risk. Or end up being something, likely better than the original plan called for.  As an example; the shots in a park were done in Jamaica, where there were guards at the entrance and signs saying “inappropriate attire” would cause guests to be evicted.  People all over the place.  So first thing Sabine does is get the attention of the closest couple of guys”  “Hey, do you mind if I take my clothes off?”  They advised us that would be just fine, and so she did.

Or in the business district on the Cayman islands, where we were just doing “tourist snapshots”.  Sabine wasn’t content with that, and thought a little friendly flashing could liven the place up.  Or the shower scene, where she can do “seductive” just fine, but can attack the shower head at the drop of a sprinkle.  Go out on a glass bottom boat in the middle of Montego Bay and, sure enough, first thing you know Sabine is naked underneath the thing.


A shoot with her is an adventure, and that’s as it should be.