AlienSkin Software

AlienSkin software is the premier image manipulation software! Almost all GMM Photographers use AlienSkin to enhance and retouch their photos! Be sure and click here to read more about our sponsor and let’s hear directly from them:


Alien Skin Software has been producing cool graphics software since 1993. In the early days we made the first drop shadow filter for Photoshop. Since then, we have released a steady stream of highly regarded tools for photographers and graphic designers. We distill advanced math and cutting edge research into simple tools that render beautiful pictures. Our reputation for bug-free software and fast, friendly tech support has created an ever growing band of loyal customers.

Corporate Philosophy

It’s important to us that work be satisfying. For Pete’s sake, you spend half your waking hours there. We’re the kind of people who would lose our minds at regular jobs. We need the inspiration that comes from being part of something great. For us that means making excellent software and treating people well. Let me elaborate.

It is intensely satisfying to hear our customers praise our work. They gush about how beautiful our software makes their images. They are pleasantly surprised by our prompt, friendly, and human tech support. That glow of pride makes us want to do even better.

It is inspiring to work with smart, effective people. If you’re like us, you’re excited to work with someone who is brilliant. It makes you want to work harder and learn from them so you can reach their level. That’s why we only hire the best people and give them all the tools and support they need. That includes private offices, 100% coverage of family health insurance, profit sharing, IRA contribution matching, and espresso that will bend your mind.

Notice that I didn’t start by mentioning money. That comes naturally when you make great products, thrill customers, and provide an intellectually stimulating workplace. Money is of course important. It’s what gives us the resources to keep going, so we do pay attention to the bottom line. But profit is only sustainable if everyone involved is thrilled with the enterprise.

That’s our recipe for happiness at work. Be part of something great. It’s good advice outside of work too, but that’s another essay.