Awesome Ashley

Awesome Ashley

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Oftentimes, I stumble upon a new model or across a picture that entices me to simply reach out to pursue a collaboration.

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Not so with Ashley Katrina; there was no stumbling. No, I first saw her in a group of many incredible, experienced and familiar models. Yet, it was Ashley that stole my attention immediately – stole it, kept it and wouldn’t let go. I was definitely interested in photographing her and, to my great fortune, it took me no time at all to secure an enthusiastic “yes”.













So far, we’ve had two wildly successful sessions, some of what you see here, of course. Ashley is just barely beyond the origination point of her modeling career; yet, she is supremely talented, incredibly professional and an absolute delight to work with. She has charmed my camera with her smile and embraced it willingly with her sensual expressions and poses. She is comfortable and confident with herself but is completely free of any expression of superiority.



I’ve quickly realized that shooting with Ashley is the beginning of an everlasting smile. It starts when she arrives – on time and ready;


And it doesn’t go away when the session is complete:

So, here she is… please welcome and enjoy Awesome Ashley!



~ Rick Ritz