Christine Laura


Let’s get to know Christine Laura:


Christine Laura is a model and hip-hop dancer hailing from Upstate New  York, but living in Southern California. All curves and she really knows how to use them to captivate a viewer. She is currently registered with Peak Models, American Model Management, Lead Detectors and Professional Image & Talent where she works everything from promotional events, to commercial campaigns. Christine really loves the performance high that comes with being in front of the camera. When asked what she really loves to shoot Christine said “Editorial, Fashion, is Medieval Queens.” She finds that fitting in and standing out at the same time, sometimes literally, is one of the hardest things to do in modeling.

What’s the most interesting thing that happened to during a shoot?

I’ve shot with a couple 20 foot pythons before, they were very intimidating… but I had to wrestle a baby into sitting still on a baby bag shoot. I have to say the pythons were much chiller! I’ll take the pythons any day or angry babies!




Sal W. Hanna Photography

Model: Christine Laura
Makeup and Hair: Alex Dejdarova

About The Author

Sal W. Hanna is a respected author, photographer and publisher. As a natural light specialist, Sal has been able to incorporate his unique perspective of light in live event settings to studio settings. With many national clients, He has named unique style as "Fashionable Boudoir" and it has made him a well sought after photographer!

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