Beautiful Becca

Beautiful Becca

Beautiful Becca Briggs shot by GMM Staffer Nino Batista
Beautiful Becca Briggs shot by GMM Staffer Nino Batista


Becca is a GMM fav! I think that’s obvious from all her previous features. What makes Becca a favorite? She’s just awesome!  Let’s catch up to her!

Model: Becca Briggs | Instagram | Twitter | ModelMayhem

Photographer: Nino Batista | Instagram | Twitter | Modelmayhem


GMM: It has been sometime since we have spoken! What’s been new with you?
Becca: So much has changed since then, both personally and professionally. To sum it up the best way possible, I’ve grown a lot as a person, am working towards my goals, and finally feel like my life is going in the right direction.

GMM: Your most recent shoot, tell us about it?
Becca: I was fortunate enough to be a part of the campaign shoot for Dear Heart Cosmetics, which will be launched later this August! The theme for the campaign is dirty, sexy, glam mixed with high fashion. The full campaign and products will be able to be viewed at within the month.

GMM: You are an in-demand model in Colorado, what are some positives of this?
Becca: Oh, thank you! That’s very humbling to hear. I’ve worked very hard to get to where I’m at now, and I’m thankful to be able to do what I’m passionate about full time, as a lot of people aren’t able to. I’ve also been blessed to have worked with some amazing individuals and had experiences that I never would’ve imagined having when I first started modeling. I’m truly grateful for everywhere my modeling career has taken me thus far, and can’t wait to see where I go from here.

GMM: And of course the negatives?
Becca: Modeling in general is a very difficult industry to be involved in, especially in Denver. There’s always new girls coming and going, the competition is very high, and it can be hard to show your value as a model. It’s very inconsistent, which can be frustrating, and you constantly have to market yourself and prove to everyone why you’re worth hiring and working with. Sometimes it’s exhausting, but you have to stay focused on the positives and work towards your goals if you plan on being successful.

GMM: The last we spoke, you were a student, still in school?
Becca: Ha-Ha, thankfully no! I FINALLY graduated, and am currently a proud college graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Event Coordination. And no, I’m never going back to school for my Master’s. 😉

GMM: The last we spoke, the funniest thing to happen to you was a passer-by honking and screaming “you go girl!” Is that still it? Or has something else taken its place?

We have no doubt you love Becca as much as wedo!
We have no doubt you love Becca as much as we do!

Becca: Oh, I got that topped now, here’s a story for you! Last year, I did an art nude photoshoot at various places around downtown Denver at about 7 in the morning. At one particular spot, I was standing fully nude on stools with my head covered by an awning. After a couple minutes, I heard the photographer say something so I bent down to see what he had said. When I did, I immediately saw standing behind him was a 20-something year old gentleman walking his dog, jaw-dropped. My first instinct was to say loudly, “Well…this is awkward!” and the bystander snapped out of it, blushed, and quickly walked away. I can’t look at the images from that shoot without thinking about it and laughing.

GMM: Three years ago your two-year plan was to be an event organizer and still modeling, has this changed? Or are you doing both still?
Becca: I am currently doing both, I think the only thing that’s changed is now actually knowing what direction I want to take both in, versus before my goals were very vague as I didn’t know what I wanted at the time.

GMM: Explain to those who are unsure of the Colorado market, the pros of it?
Becca: Colorado has a very interesting market. Denver itself is a very versatile and art-driven city. It’s easy to find creative and skilled people to work with, especially with everyone who travels through and as many people who’s been moving here. It’s also a very beautiful state, with so many varieties of places to shoot at. There’s a lot of potential for greatness here.

GMM: And the cons?
Becca: Like I said, Colorado has an interesting market, Ha-Ha. Because of the amount of people, the competition is really high, and it’s so easy to find people to work with for free that not many people want to invest in paying photographers/models. Also, although Colorado has potential, a lot of people in the industry like to act like it’s much bigger than it is. Denver is not NYC or Los Angeles, so having an attitude or ego here is comical and worthless.

GMM: What is the best advice a new model in Colorado can get from you?
Becca: There are three main pieces of advice I give to new models if they come to me for advice. First is to set goals and figure out why you’re doing it. A lot of girls go into modeling with the wrong intentions, and in turn end up either wasting their time or photographers’ time. Secondly, if you’re serious about wanting to be successful at modeling, find experienced models to be a mentor you. Lastly, HIRE PHOTOGRAPHERS! Yes, trade work in developing a portfolio is nice, and there is a time for it, but hiring a professional and paying for quality work will set you apart, help you network, and give you knowledge you wouldn’t have otherwise. I spent years only shooting trade, and once I actually started paying for photographers my work got 100x better!

GMM: Who is a photographer you want to shoot with but haven’t had the opportunity?
Becca: I would give anything to shoot with Charles Lucima! *swoon*

GMM: The same question only a model?
Becca: I would love to work with Ophelia Overdose, both as a model and as a designer.

GMM: You’ve never shot with a male, is that something you want to do?
Becca: I have actually done a couple shoots with men, but they were from a while back. I wouldn’t mind shooting with a male model, but it’d have to be the right model and concept.

Let’s get a little darker:

GMM: Most frustrating thing to happen at a shoot? Can be before a shoot, during or after.
Becca: I would say the most frustrating shoot was when a photographer changed the concept of the shoot at the last minute, ended up having about 20 different sets, tried to underpay me, and then changed how he said he was going to edit the images to something that I wasn’t ok with.

Boy are we glad she never followed through with quitting the business!
Boy are we glad she never followed through with quitting the business!

GMM: What is something that has happened that made you rethink your modeling career?
Becca: I’ve had multiple occurrences over the last few years of people making false promises, scamming me, and not following through on their commitments with me from everything from images, to websites, to full on jobs.

GMM: We’ve noticed that the first time we published you, you weren’t as guarded as you have become now, what’s changed?
Becca: Not being guarded brought on many opportunities that I’m still grateful for, but it also brought a lot of stress and unnecessary drama into my life. So last year I decided to try taking a step back and focusing more on my shoots and less on engaging in social media, and letting my work speak for itself. Although a much slower process, it’s been good for me. That being said, I actually plan on coming back out of my shell and giving the world more Becca Briggs here in the near future, so stay tuned!

GMM: OK, that’s dark enough,

You’ve shot with three GMM staff photographers (West Coast Allure, Jay Kilgore and Nino Batista) You’re the only model in GMM’s history to do that, give us dirt on each of the three;

GMM: What was it like working with West Coast Allure?

Becca: I really enjoyed working with him during my shoot with Jay. It was my first time working with a videographer, and I absolutely loved it. Brought a whole other aspect to photoshoots, and now I wish I had him come with me to all of them!

GMM: What was it like working with Jay Kilgore?
Becca: Jay and I always have the best shoots! He’s one of the most straight forward and honest, yet one of the laid back photographers I’ve ever worked with. That being said… Warning: he MAY make you get in a freezing cold waterfall for a shoot, I mean like ridiculously cold, but he MAY also provide delicious hot chocolate that makes it worth the coldness. So, worth it?

GMM: What was it like working with Nino?
Becca: Oh my goodness, Nino is one of my all-time favorites! We’ve worked together a handful of times now too, and every time our images completely blow me away. It’s a rarity to find photographers to work with that you have a mutual understanding while shooting of what the other is envisioning and to be on the same page, and when you find it it’s golden. It’s hard to explain, but that’s what it’s like working with Nino.

GMM: What is something crazy each photographer had you do?
Becca: Hmmm crazy…. I would say the craziest thing was shooting in water. I already kind of mentioned Jay’s shoot Ha-Ha, but with Nino I shot in a shower, with lighting, and we were crossing our fingers that water wouldn’t splash on the lights and electrocute us during the shoot. That one gave me a bit of anxiety, but don’t worry, we’re fine!

GMM: What is something models should know about each photographer before working with them?
Becca: If shooting video with West Coast Allure, don’t overthink it. Shooting video is fun, but you can’t fake it, because it’s not a still like a photo is. So relax, have fun, be yourself, and let the camera capture your essence. With Jay, don’t be egotistical or stuck up, communicate well, and work hard to get good images – don’t half ass it. He’s great to work with, but doesn’t put up with any bullshit. Nino is always so easy to work with, so I’d say be prepared for a fun shoot and bomb images!

GMM: You recently complained that someone liked more of your cat photos than you on your IG, are you the Modeling Cat Lady?
Becca: Ha-Ha! Fun Fact: I actually did do a photoshoot with my cat earlier this year! But yes, I should add that to my resume right now!

GMM: How many cats do you have?
Becca: I currently only have one, Mr. Bumbles, and my roommate has two, Dewey and Delilah. They’re all three black cats. Some people think one cat doesn’t make someone a crazy cat lady, but I think it’s more of the mannerisms instead of the amount of cats that makes a cat lady crazy.

GMM: When did you know you were more of a cat lady than dog lady?
Becca: I remember being five or six years old, and starting a cat-lover/dog-lover club with my cousins. The cat-lover club was for the cool kids, and the dog-lover club was for whoever you were mad at. It was the biggest insult to be told you were part of the dog-lover club. Now we all like dogs and cats, but I am a bigger cat fan personally.

GMM: What is your final parting words?
Becca: I’ve currently got lots of new projects in the works, so stay tuned to my various social media profiles for upcoming announcements, launches, and new images. Thank you guys so much for this opportunity again, it’s always a pleasure working with you!