Lovely Leah

The Lovely Leah shot by Jay Kilgore
The Lovely Leah shot by Jay Kilgore

Model: Leah Konecsni

Photographer: Jay Kilgore

Every once in a while you will meet a model who subtly challenge you.

For me, Leah was that model. Leah had done some local work with local photographers and had dome some erotic shooting. At the time of my working with her I had really wanted to get more into Penthouse as I had got more work through them. Let’s just say Leah wasn’t shy!

Our first shoot was in a studio setting of course. I prefer to shoot studio and she felt more comfortable shooting in a studio being I was one of the more experienced photographers she had worked with.

Leah was ready to shoot and it showed in the photos we got.

After that we started shooting in other places like my home studio.

Our last shoot we shot both at my home studio and at my studio. Leah was after the quick buck and because anything worth doing takes time, she ended up leaving and doing other things. I’ve not spoken to her in years and wish her well. We got some great images and that’s enough for this old guy!

I plan to put more of the Penthouse style images on my photography page, Jay Kilgore so be sure and keep an eye over there!