Cali model Heather Grey was shot by Senior Editor Jay Kilgore. Heather and Jay shot way back in 2010. We searched high and low and found photos of her, now let’s hear what Jay has to say about his shoot with Heather!

Heather Grey MM  | Heather Grey official Facebook

Jay, how did you meet Heather?

I met her via her MM page. I was looking for new models for my workshops and loved her look. I had contacted her cause I wanted her to be a nude model.

Heather Grey shot by Jay KilgoreHow many times did you guys shoot?

Just the one sadly. When I was teaching workshops I was very particular on how they went. I had shot and fell in love with her look, her wit and her pose ability. She has a gorgeous unique look and her posing ability is second to only one other person I’ve worked with.

What is Heather up to now?

Shortly after we shot she moved here to L.A. from what I understand. She’s been working and living out here for some time. She is I sure, very successful out here since she is such a great person!  I know your next question: Would I shoot with her again if I had the chance? My answer is one word: HELLYA!

Thanks for ruining our last question! Thanks for the great photos!

Any time!

Heather Grey of CA






Cali model Heather Grey
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