Chilling with Chantel

Today’s feature is an awesome one! While chilling with Chantel, we get exclusive behind the scenes info about a perfect glamour model from NY! Chantel was shot by Contributing Photographer Marcus Turner. Let’s first observe beauty uninterrupted, then we will take a few minutes to get to know Mr. Turners thoughts on Chanel:

Sexy Chantell

GMM: Who is this lovely lady?

Marcus: Her name is Chantel Hall. Her social media links are  Facebook or Instagram

GMM: When did you guys shoot?

Marcus: Early March

GMM: How many times total did you guys shoot?

Marcus: This was our first time working together.  

GMM: Did she live up to your expectation when it came to modeling?

Marcus: So much so that i’m looking forward to shooting a few more times before the summer is over.Chantell Hall (7 of 7)

GMM: What was something, other than her beauty, you noticed right away?

Marcus:  Although Chantel maybe short for agency standards on camera she knows how to extend her limbs to appear much longer.  I’ve photographed 5’10” models in the past and photograph much smaller in camera.

GMM: What is something you remember most of this model?

Marcus:  I get extremely excited about amazing hair.

GMM: What is something this model taught you?

Marcus: I wish i could take her in my pocket and bring her out show other models how to smize and lengthen their limbs for the camera.

GMM: Is this model still modeling?


GMM: If you had the chance to do it all over, would you?

Chantell Hall (2 of 7)Marcus: I’m a fan of japanese word and philosophy of kazien.  There’s always something i can do improve the shoot. Most of the time it is done with in the pre planning process.  I wanted to have makeup artist for the shoot. But i couldn’t get one in the amount of time i needed. Maybe i need more facebook friends

GMM: Anything else you want us to know about this model?

Marcus: Chantel comes extremely prepared asked questions before the shoot dates. I like that models create their own inspirational mood boards so as photographer I can understand what they are looking for and direction they are interested in becoming as a model.