Just Jami

We always love it when we get a Staffers Favorite model! In our experience, the work is best when it’s done with a favorite and Jami working with Staffer Roger Talley is no exception! Let’s hear what Roger has to say working with Jami:


I’ve known Jami for several years. When I first met her she was just beginning her modeling career. She had pretty good success, did some fashion modeling (a clothing campaign, a commercial and some other things) and a bit of glamour modeling in Los Angeles, and even was selected to travel internationally. She got married, dropped out of modeling for a while, but is looking terrific, and wanted to try be modeling again. She lives in Los Angeles, but traveled for this shoot.

As you might expect, she is an excellent model, and less inhibited than some other fashion models might be. In fact, while we were doing the outdoor portion of this shoot, in downtown Las Vegas, we had one of those heart-stopping moments. I was just leaving one site where she had been doing urban nudes, and she confided a special secret: “I’ve always wanted to get arrested for indecent exposure!”. Uh, well, not this shoot, please . . . and it was uneventful.