Contributing Photographer Sal W. Hanna

Contributing Photographer Sal W. Hanna has shooting in his blood! Not only is he a respected and known photographer, he’s also a licensed…well…anything to do with owning a pistol! Bodyguard, Criminal Justice Instructor, Bond Enforcer, you name it, Sal does it. Let’s just say if he’s coming at you, hope it’s with his Canon DSLR, vs his other Canon. Known for being a consummate instructor and photographer, we are glad to feature works of Sal!

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GMM: How long have you been a photographer?
Sal W.: 20 Years .

GMM:: How did you get your start?
Sal W.: Jr. High Lead Photographer for the Student Newspaper

GMM: Do you like to keep your techniques a secret or do you like to share with others?
Sal W.: I share them with others and I host private lessons for those serious about learning.

GMM: Who would you love to shoot?
Sal W.: Singer Lisa Lavie She’s sweet and has an amazing voice.

GMM: Who is the most famous model you have shot with?

Sal W.: She’s not a model, but she is Britney Spears.

GMM: What makes you different from the other photographers?

Sal W.: My work varies. Some photographers stick to one type of genre. I don’t. I use my signature style in multiple arenas.

GMM: Who is your favorite photographer?

Sal W.: I really don’t have one per say, but I admire those that create depth, emotion and use creative lighting with their scenery.

GMM: What is your ultimate goal as a photographer?

Sal W.: Honestly, I don’t have one. I don’t strive to be the greatest or best known photographer. I don’t strive to be a world famous fashion photographer. I just strive to be me.

GMM: What traits do you look for in a model?

Sal W.: Unique facial and body structures. Today I could be shooting a curvy lady and tomorrow petite. I just need uniqueness and willingness to trust in my vision no matter how absurd it sound.

Your Gear

GMM: Canon or Nikon?

Sal W.: Canon.

GMM: What is your favorite lens to use?

Sal W.: Canon 28-105 f/3.5 – 4.5. It’s versatile and extremely sharp. Great value too

GMM: What is your Favorite Lighting Gear?

Sal W.: I use Alien Bee in the studio most of the time, but I have a JTL Versalight set that I love. The temperature is great for creating soft beautiful tones. For higher end shoots I utlize the JTL’s.

GMM: Mac or PC?

Sal W.: PC; why pay more for less?.

Shooting, Models, Locations

GMM: Do you have a favorite location to shoot?
Sal W.: F40 Studio in Huntington Beach because it’s compact in size and I can create what I need in it’s private setting.

GMM: Do you bring Hairstylist and Make up artist to your shoots?
Sal W.: Absolutely ! They are vital to create the right look.

GMM: Do models try to play you for gimmees? If so, does it work?
Sal W.: Professionals don’t as they understand time is money. Newbies and hobbyists sometimes try, but if they have nothing to bargain with (i.e. money, willingness to trade a conceptual shoot for additional perks) then it gets them nowhere with me.

GMM: Do you find it challenging to be around such beautiful models?
Sal W.: Not really. Once you’ve seen a nude body, you get used to the idea of the talent on set being sexy, nude or clothed.

GMM: Do you use model mayhem?
Sal W.: Unfortunate evil in this business. Facebook works better for reliability, but MM has a vast network focused in this field. Regretfully, it’s usually newbies and hobbyists.

GMM: What is your favorite social network?

Sal W.: Facebook.

GMM: What do you love about Facebook and what do you hate about Facebook?

Sal W.: The ability to network. I hate the drama filled posts. At some point I just delete the person if it carries on for an extended amount of time.

GMM: Do you think photographers get a bad rap?

Sal W.: Nope, most get what they deserve.

GMM: What is the worst experience you can remember from a photo shoot?

Sal W.: Let’s just not go there. There are horror stories I simply leave in the past.

GMM: Do you see a solid career for the bikini models?

Sal W.: Sure, as promo models.

GMM: Is there anything you want to express now that people should know about this business?

Sal W.: If you don’t see this as a business, then you’re in the wrong business.