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Devin Kent’s work out plan!

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Devin Kent’s work out plan!

Devin Kent’s work out plan. Who needs Kayne’s work out plan when Devin is a fitness instructor and looks like this!

I met Devin at a Las Vegas “industry mixer” for photographers and models.  We chatted for a while, she looked at my portfolio, and we agreed we really ought to get together and shoot.  Four days later Samiha Glam brought her over to my studio to do her makeup, and we did a little “get acquainted” shoot.   Lots of “looks” in a short time, all “here, try this on, let’s see how it works.”  So rather than submitting a “photo set” I thought I would just include a selection from that first shoot.

Photography: Roger Talley
Model: Devin Kent
MUA: Samiha Glam