Getting glamorous with Samiha Glam

Getting glamorous with Samiha Glam

I’ve known of Samiha as a makeup artist in Las Vegas for several years.  Even worked a few events where she was doing makeup on other models.  But it wasn’t until another photographer hired her to come do a shoot in my studio that I really got to know her.  And, surprise!  Samiha is a model as well.  Somehow that had escaped my attention.  I’m thinking after this it won’t escape other people’s attention. J

GMM_Samiha Glam_RogerTalley-4
Getting glamorous with Samiha Glam feature by Roger Talley

She is excellent at beauty makeup, but for our shoot wanted to do something more extravagant to show off her specialty makeup skills.  So, here is Samiha Glam, with makeup by Samiha.

Photography: Roger Talley

Model: Samiha Glam

Makeup: Samiha Glam