Did you forget about Sal Hanna?

I met Sal many years ago. About eight to be exact. I was teaching photography in Colorado and wanted to meet like minded photographers in Cali as that was where I wanted to move. Sal had a very popular Meetup group and I wanted to set up a shootout with him. I contacted him and we hit it off right away. We had the event scheduled and it was going to take place in October. It turned out that month, I got super sick and was unable to make it out to Cali. Lots of people assumed I was flaking on them on purpose. Sal hit me up the week I was supposed to go out cause he hadn’t heard from me. A week after, I told him I had gotten out of a five day stay in ICU. He had empathy for me and we continued to talk. Sal has proven to be a great friend over the past eight years and one of less than 10 photographers I consider a friend.

Sal and I don’t agree on a lot of things (Prince is FAR superior than Michael Jackson. Prince was an artist; played instruments, sang, wrote, directed and composed) but even in our most heated disagreement, Sal and I have remained friends. Sal used to be the owner of Uncovered Magazine. Now that he’s not shooting for it anymore, my hope is we’ll see him more on GMM!

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Jay kilgore
Editor in Chief

I'm a nationally published and sponsored Glamour Model Photographer. Presently residing in Southern California and working across the U.S., I've been teaching photography to photographers for 12 years. My works have appeared in many nationally distributed paper magazines and equally as many online publications. Sponsored by 8 corporate photography sponsors, I'm always chasing the elusive "Next best image" Caribou Hot Chocolate is my weakness and I'd die with out my phone, camera and wacom tablet.

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