England Playboy Glamour Model Maria Eriksson

It’s official! GMM has been fully invaded by the British and we’re loving it! Today’s update is Playboy cover model Maria Eriksson! Now don’t let the Playboy covers confuse you, Maria is as intelligent as she is sexy and the way to her heart isn’t by physical compliments. Want to know the trick? Read on! By large and far the most experienced and published Glamour Model to grace the pages of GMM, we are excited to have Maria write several articles for us and educate our viewers on how to progress their careers! Until that time, lets get to know Maria:

GMM: Where are you originally from?

Maria Eriksson: England

GMM: What is your nationality?

Maria Eriksson: British.

GMM: What’s your stats?

Maria Eriksson: 5’9″ 32 E natural 34-24-34

GMM: Give us 5 words that you think best describe you?

Maria Eriksson: Intelligent, motivated, honest, genuine and proactive.

GMM: You’re a Leo, how would you describe your personality in that regard?

Maria Eriksson: Pretty hot headed at times! ha ha

GMM: What would you say is your best asset?

Maria Eriksson: My brain and intelligence!

GMM: What do others compliment you on the most?

Maria Eriksson: Physically I usually get nice eyes, lips, legs, butt, boobs. People seem to have their favourite parts of me!
I also do get a lot of compliments on how down to earth and ‘real’ I am for how successful my career has been. Its nice to get compliments which are not about my looks!

GMM: How did you get started in modeling?

Maria Eriksson: I was scouted as house model for a big fashion label in London.

GMM: Are you signed with an agency?

Maria Eriksson: Yes. Several around the world. I have lived on 4 continents as a model.

GMM: What do you enjoy most about modeling?

Maria Eriksson: The travel! I live for it!

GMM: What is the funniest thing to happen to you on a shoot?

Maria Eriksson: I fell off a prop. I knew it was going to happen so I made it into a backwards somersault to impress everyone!

GMM: What are the top three things you like to shoot?

Maria Eriksson: I would love to do a shoot with the Eiffel tower in the background, on a safari – but I guess the animals would have to be tamed! So I should say a safari themed shoot! I have done so many amazing shoots this is hard but I wouldn’t say no to a trip to Bora Bora to shoot swimwear!

GMM: Do you enjoy the constant attention and adoration that comes with being a glamour model?

Maria Eriksson: No… ha ha

GMM: Where do you want your career to be in two years?

Maria Eriksson: I would like to be moving on with my career. I have been a Playboy Centerfold 3 times now, on billboards, covers of magazines like Playboy and FHM. I have been on runways and done TV commercials… phew! So I hope to just continue doing what I have been doing, but also spread my wings into slightly different areas too. I am currently working on several projects right now.

GMM: What are some of your hidden talents other than modeling?

Maria Eriksson: I am also an experienced TV host and great at ad lib work! This comes from the skills I learnt when I was a high school Science teacher. I also write! I have written columns for the likes of FHM Indonesia, Playboy South Africa and VIP (Playboy) in Singapore. I am currently developing these skills so watch out for more things to come in the near future!

GMM: Take us through your getting ready to model routine?

Maria Eriksson: I wash my hair and do my nails the night before. I also always pack a bag the night before too. I hate leaving things until the last minute as being late is very unprofessional! In my bag I take a variety of things depending on the job. Shoes, heels, underwear and more…. I usually also wear loose clothing or clothing that doesn’t leave lines on my skin as you never know what you are wearing or how much skin you may show…

Go fresh-faced with no makeup on and take snacks and water incase there isn’t any.


GMM: What is the best info you can give a new model?

Maria Eriksson: I have a list of information and advice and get asked questions regularly. That’s why I will be writing article for Glamour Model Magazine to help new models – so watch out for my features coming up soon!

GMM: As a model, what would you say has been your biggest obstacle?

Maria Eriksson: Moving to Los Angeles on my own not knowing a single person! Believe it or not that was actually more difficult than when I moved to Asia by myself!

GMM: If you had to walk away from modeling today, what memory would you take from it?

Maria Eriksson: There are so many! But I think I would look back and say: “Wow! I got PAID to go all of those places!!!” I have been to more countries modeling in a year than most people ever get to see in a life time!

GMM: If you had to walk away, what would you like to be remembered most for?

Maria Eriksson: The girl who didn’t let it go to my head despite my achievements.

Let’s switch gears to learn more about what makes you tick.

GMM: What type of man are you attracted to?

Maria Eriksson: The nice guys! I like dark hair, a strong  back and someone intelligent.

GMM: What trait do you think is most important in determining someone’s attractiveness?

Maria Eriksson: I think that what someone is like on the inside is what makes someone attractive or not. You could get a gorgeous looking guy but if he is an asshole, arrogant, dishonest and lazy it makes him ugly on the outside to me. The same goes for women!

GMM: What personal qualities do you think the man of your future should have?

Maria Eriksson: He should be working, honest and loyal…..and he should appreciates the little things in life making him romantic, sensitive and I have to admit sensual. He should listen to my needs, be there emotionally and prioritise me.

GMM: What body part of a man do you think is sexiest?

Maria Eriksson: Arms…. and hands too…his back…. I could go on 😉

GMM: When it comes to your taste in men, pick one: “the bad boy” or “the nice guy”?

Maria Eriksson: Nice guy now 🙂

GMM: How does a man keep you interested once he’s caught your attention?

Maria Eriksson: He listens to you and actually hears what you are saying. Women talk! Men try to solve problems but most of the time women just want to talk it out to feel better. Real women don’t need to rely on men, especially for money, but we do need men to be physically attentive and appreciative, romantic from time to time but still stand their ground! A man keeps me by being emotionally supportive and not controlling. He has to remember I want him in my life; I don’t need him.

GMM: How do you show him that he has your attention?

Maria Eriksson: I make him feel like the only man in the world! Because to me … he is.

GMM: When it comes to men, what are some of your turn offs?

Maria Eriksson: Arrogance and controlling men. Men who condescend and patronize me because they feel they can buy my affections. That will never work with me as I find it insulting that they would think I cannot go out and earn as much, if not more money, than they do! Bad breath, rudeness and laziness are turn offs too.

GMM: What’s the most memorable thing a guy has done to get your attention?

Maria Eriksson: Took me out in his helicopter to Catalina Island for lunch.

GMM: In contrast, what was the worse thing?

Maria Eriksson: Took me out in his helicopter to Catalina Island for lunch.

GMM: Do you have a quote that you live by?

Maria Eriksson: Not really – but I do believe in karma and fate….

GMM: What is your favorite city?

Maria Eriksson: Sydney!

GMM: What is your favorite sports team?

Maria Eriksson: I have to say Manchester United or by brother will kill me!

GMM: When you surf the web, what is your favorite site?

Maria Eriksson: I don’t really web surf. I always have focus with my actions. But if you guys want to know more about me check out my website and Wikipedia page!