Tropic Beauty Pagent shot by Roger Talley

Fourth annual Tropic Beauty international pageant and contest

The fourth annual Tropic Beauty international pageant and contest held its 2014 finals in Las Vegas in June, with the winner decided on June 14th.  Glamour Models Magazine was invited to attend by Latin Media Group, and we were able to be at all the events open to the press.


TTropBeauty011he contestants were chosen from a series of local bikini contests, and the “best of the best” flown to Las Vegas for the finals.  The majority of the models were from the US, with a strong contingent from Canada, but girls came from a total of 21 countries from five different continents.  There was a pretty substantial variety of body types, from fashion-model thin to about a size 6, and also a variety of ethnic groups.  Latin girls were heavily represented.


The first press event was held on Wednesday, with the models dressed in “national costumes”, of sorts.  One contestant, Kaleigh Neidig of Grenada, chose to use body paint instead of a costume.  It started off in the lobby of the MGM Grand hotel, and then continued in a large private suite in the hotel.


The next time the press saw the girls was on Friday, when they went to the Wet Republic “ultra party pool”, first to hang out in cabanas for a few hours, mingling with the crowd at the pool, and then being presented to a panel of judges for the first elimination.  That resulted in the “first cut”, with those rated in the top 50 to be scored during the pageant.  The other girls competed, but were not aware who had been chosen to be among the winners.



Staffer Roger did an amazing job covering the event. There was so much going on, we are breaking this into three separate segments. Be sure and check back next Monday for part II