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Gigi Glamour

Gigi Glamour: I met Gigi via a local SOCAL shootout event. She applied to be one of the models but the organizer never hit her back. I had my reasoning why he didn’t, but I left it at that. Gigi and I spoke for a little while trying to figure our way around that and our first shoot. We spoke about everything and I found out she even shot with another photographer who didn’t use any of her images!

She showed up and had a great look to her! Killer body and was perfect for glamour! She had an idea of what she wanted to shoot and we shot it. She was a total sweetheart and we got some killer images.

It’s been some time since her and I spoke. I plan to reach out to her again and maybe do an outdoor, sunrise sexy shoot!

Until that happens, enjoy these killer photos!

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I'm a nationally published and sponsored Glamour Model Photographer. Presently residing in Southern California and working across the U.S., I've been teaching photography to photographers for 12 years. My works have appeared in many nationally distributed paper magazines and equally as many online publications. Sponsored by 8 corporate photography sponsors, I'm always chasing the elusive "Next best image" Caribou Hot Chocolate is my weakness and I'd die with out my phone, camera and wacom tablet.

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