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Happy birthday to our EIC Jay Kilgore!

Happy Birthday to our EIC Jay Kilgore!

GMM EIC Jay Kilgore and Lauren Nearing
GMM EIC Jay Kilgore and Lauren Nearing

Today is our EIC Jay Kilgore’s birthday!

Jay has been one of the visionaries behind GMM from day one! With an idea and vision of what glamour should be, Jay has spent over the majority of his career shooting glamour. Did you know he shot fashion the first two years of his career? He was successful in getting a model signed with a large and legit agency on the East Coast, but disapproved of the conditions set by the agency and decided he would only shoot “REAL women. Real, beautiful, women.” Thus started his 16 year professional glamour career:

Jay has had the pleasure of shooting hundreds of beautiful women and we get to feature most of them!

Happy birthday Jay!