I found Quinn on facebook when she answered a casting call for an editorial I was shooting.  While she was in makeup for the editorial we got to talking.  Quinn is new to Las Vegas, working as a go-go dancer in the local night clubs, and wanted to make some connections in town.  Aside from being really cute, she is also easy to get along with, reliable (in my experience) and fun to work with on a shoot. Let’s get to meet happy sexy Quinn:



Tell us about your modeling career?

My  name is Quinn and I’m a Model and Entertainer. You can find me on Twitter or Instagram and I’m from Detroit, MI. My measurements are 32B-24-32 And five words to describe me are: happy, sexy, passionate, loving and confident! I’m an Aquarius.

What would you say are your best features?

My smile and my feet!

What do others compliment you on?

My smile and eyes.

How did you get started in modeling?

I got started when I was in Michigan and it’s continued from there. it was a hobby and grew.

Are you signed with an agency?

No, not at this time.

What do you enjoy  most about modeling?

Having awesome pictures and meeting new people!

About The Author

Roger Talley
Former contributing photographer

Roger grew up in Vancouver, BC, then joined the US Air Force, where he worked as a linguist and intelligence officer. He also spent years working as an Aerospace engineer for Lockheed Martin. Along the way, Roger got a degree in photography, which he used with the Air Force, but also began working as a photojournalist, commercial and fashion photographer. He has shot 75 TV ads, and stopped counting a long time ago at his 200th editorial tear sheet. For five years Roger owned and operated a model agency in New York City, and now lives and works with photography and models in Las Vegas. He is the author of a book on modeling, http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0615146775/, and is the primary author of the modeling advice website www.newmodels.com

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