We've been waiting for jay to release these photos and feature for over a year!

Its the Lauren Valenti show

Its the Lauren Valenti show! We promised you this and we are delivering! Let’s Meet Lauren V, Editor in Chief Jay Kilgore’s former Muse! We have promised this feature for a year and Jay has finally allowed it to push through! Let’s find out more about this amazing model/photographer combo and what styles Jay would like to shoot her in if he had access to her:

We've been waiting for jay to release these photos and feature for over a year!
We’ve been waiting for jay to release these photos and feature for over a year!

Jay, tell us about Lauren, something we don’t know?

Lauren is my former muse. I wrote extensively about her on my site. However, after looking it appears that most of it is gone so I can talk more freely about her!

When did you guys meet? Shoot?

April 2010. She was the ONLY model in my 15 year history that has shown up EARLY to a shoot! She was 10 minutes early and was sitting outside the studio waiting for me. To this day I’ve never had that happen!

How many times have you guys shot?

Eight? Nine? We have many official and unofficial shoots.

What about her made her your Muse?

I get offers from lots of people who want to be my muse. What Lauren had was special! She had the look. The body, the attitude but she had the spirit. She’s a wonderful person. I enjoyed being in her company and I quickly learned she is knowledgeable regarding lighting and photography!

Do you guys still work together?

Sadly, no. She had major surgery and I was battling an illness. She had surgery and long standing recovery. I had a stint in ICU and after that we shot once. We’ve spoken over the past two years about shooting, but sadly, I don’t think her heart is into it anymore. I think for her, a shoot is what connects us. For me, I think life connects us and we didn’t need to shoot to meet.

When was the last you spoke?

We spoke last about three or four months ago. She activates and deactivates her fb so I don’t see much of her anymore 🙁

If you shot her again, how would it be different?

The first time I started shooting her she was younger. Now she’s older more mature. I would love to do some beauty and figure/art nudes. I think that’s the only area that as a glamour photographer with muse I lacked in. I’ve always wanted to shoot some glam/art nudes but it never came up. I would love to push her a bit out of her comfort zone and continue to grow. So I regret that I will get that chance.


Anything else you want us to know about Lauren?

She’s the one that got away. I will always, always love Lauren. Majority of everything I’ve ever done well with my camera can be directly traced back to her. In my quest for wanting to shoot her the best possible, I became a better photographer. I often think of how amazing our shoots would be today, if we worked together still. …

The last shoot Jay Had with Lauren back in 2012: