Hitching a ride with Moanna

Hitching a ride with Moanna

Hitching a ride with Moanna
Hitching a ride with Moanna


GMM: Moanna, welcome to GMM! Give us the dirt on you?

Moanna: Thank you! My name as you know is, Moanna. I am from the Czech Republic which means I’m Czech. Measurements are 35B-24-36 and five  words that describe me; Artist. Designer. Crazy. Adventurous and energetic.  I fall under the Gemini zodiac sign and I’m wild! My best asset is my incredible will power, while others say it’s my looks. They don’t know me very well if that’s only what they notice about me.

GMM: How did you get started in modeling?
Moanna: I as genuinely curious about it, so I gave it a try.

GMM:Are you signed with an agency?
Moanna: I am presently signed with an agency.

GMM: What do you enjoy most about modeling?
Moanna: I would have to say the adventure and the art created.

GMM: What is the funniest thing to happen to you on a shoot?
Moanna: Being picked up by wrong guy – I was waiting for a new photographer on a corner of NYC when a random guy comes and says so here we go. So we went then he was surprised I wanted to pay for the shoot and then I realized he was just some random guy trying to pick me up 😀

GMM:What are the top three things you like to shoot?
Moanna: Art, Nudes, Silk acrobatics

GMM: Do you enjoy the constant attention and adoration that comes with being a glamour model?
Moanna: Any woman who says no, is a liar.

GMM: Where do you want your career to be in two years?
Moanna: I want to be a clothing/fashion designer!

Cooling off with Moanna
Cooling off with Moanna

GMM: What are some of your hidden talents other than modeling?
Moanna: Hoop and Silk acrobatics, ballet dancing.

GMM: As a model, what would you say has been your biggest obstacle?
Moanna: Fake photographers trying to use me for sex

GMM: Take us through your getting ready to model routine?
Moanna: Just pick everything I need and sit on the bus / underground and go to the shoot 🙂

GMM:What is the best info you can give a new model?
Moanna: Be smart! If it doesn’t look, feel or seem right, it most likely isn’t right.

GMM:As a model, what would you say has been your biggest obstacle?
Moanna: Now a days as a model it seems like it doesn’t matter how good your work is, all that some people care about is how many numbers of followers you have on social media.

GMM: If you had to walk away from modeling today, what memory would you take from it?
Moanna: All the fun I had. All the memories I’ve created from doing something I love.

GMM: If you had to walk away, what would you like to be remembered most for?
Moanna: As being great artist