Alex Denver glamour model

I shot Alex back in 2010 when she had turned 18 and wanted to model. She was an extremely beautiful young lady with a killer body, but lacked the height for Fashion work, so glamour it was. She wanted more sexy glamour stuff anyway so it worked.

Alex and I shot a total of three times with one of them being outdoors with a strobe and another photographer. The third time I saw her she was modeling at a fashion show for a good friend of mine. After I shot the photos and packing up my gear, she was sitting in the lap of a kid and was the only one that offered to help me with my gear. I should note the guys were begging me to send them photos. That was the last time I saw her. I know she continued shooting and she had a multitude of tattoos. I personally felt she was unique enough with out the tattoos, but respect her decision to get them.

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I'm a nationally published and sponsored Glamour Model Photographer. Presently residing in Southern California and working across the U.S., I've been teaching photography to photographers for 12 years. My works have appeared in many nationally distributed paper magazines and equally as many online publications. Sponsored by 8 corporate photography sponsors, I'm always chasing the elusive "Next best image" Caribou Hot Chocolate is my weakness and I'd die with out my phone, camera and wacom tablet.

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      GMM the ezine will always be free. We are working on keeping it ad/popup free. The members area is not free. It contains entire photo and video sets from shoots that the photographers and models want and deserve to be compensated for sharing. Thank you.


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